Chapter 7. (mysql/gskdbhmysql.h)

Table of Contents
function gsk_dbh_mysql_get_type
struct GskDbhMysqlClass
function gsk_dbh_mysql_set_max_workers
Structure GskDbhMysql (Opaque)

Mysql database handle. Unfortunately, while mysql is a wonderful product on many levels, it lacks both a native asynchronous API and documentation on the client/server protocol. Therefore this is currently implemented via GskThreadPool. This implies that the main loop must be constructed appropriately. In addition, the mysql library should be compiled with the --enable-thread-safe-client option. NB: Results are stored client-side via mysql_store_result ().

function gsk_dbh_mysql_get_type

GtkType gsk_dbh_mysql_get_type()

Parameters: none.