Chapter 9. (mysql_embedded/gskdbhmysqlembedded.h)

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function gsk_dbh_mysql_embedded_get_type
struct GskDbhMysqlEmbeddedClass

Mysql embedded-mode database handle. Implemented via GskThreadPool. This implies that the main loop must be constructed appropriately. In addition, the mysql library should be compiled with the --enable-thread-safe-client option. NB: You must arrange for mysql_server_init () to be called before using this class, and must arrange for mysql_server_end () to be called at program exit. mysql_thread_init () / mysql_thread_end () are called for you. Also, THIS DOES NOT WORK RIGHT NOW :)

function gsk_dbh_mysql_embedded_get_type

GtkType gsk_dbh_mysql_embedded_get_type()

Parameters: none.