function gsk_dbi_synchronized_object_class_create

void gsk_dbi_synchronized_object_class_create
                (GtkType                        exact_type,
                 GskDbh                                * dbh,
                 GskDbiSynchronizedClassCreateCallback callback,
                 gpointer                       callback_data)
This function is for handling hierarchical (tree-like) dependencies in class creation, such as those which arise from singly-derived object systems. This function forces the class_create () for a particular class to be called, while preventing multiple calls to class_create () per program instance. If class_create () for this type has already been initiated once this program instance, the return value is supplied to the given callback. This can be used to chain hierarchical class dependiences in a way that determines the order of class_create () calls, e.g., derived objects wanting to safely chain to their parents can call this as the first part of their implementation of class_create ().



The type of which to force immediate class_create ().


The database handle associated with the persistent store.


Callback to execute when finished.


Additional data passed through unmodified.