function gsk_dbi_synchronized_object_add_sync_notify

void gsk_dbi_synchronized_object_add_sync_notify
                (GskDbiSynchronizedObject            * object,
                 GskDbiSynchronizedObjectCallback sync_notify,
                 gpointer                       sync_notify_data,
                 GDestroyNotify                 sync_notify_data_destroy)
This will add a synchronization notify callback to the object. These are called, in order of adding, with the return value of save virtual, if synchronization is performed. If the object has already had synchronization prevented by gsk_dbi_synchronized_object_dont_sync (), the destroy notify will be called immediately. In any case, the destroy notify is always called exactly once.



The object to which to add a synchronization notify callback.


The synchronized object notify callback to register. Note that this function is not necessarily, e.g., if synchronization is not performed because the object has not changed, or if synchronization was prevented via gsk_dbi_synchronized_object_dont_sync ().


Data passed through unmodified to callback.


This is called when the sync_notify_data is no longer in use. This is guaranteed to be called exactly once.